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Chat Insanity: Part One

(00:31:28) ladymcquillion: *ducttapes sanzo-mun to the chat*
(00:31:36) CorsecGreenXWing: hehe
(00:31:48) TeenaMegumi3: Sanzo will be killing me because I may be dropping an AU reincarnated Kanzeon on him in the near future.
(00:31:51) authorkun: *.... is duct-taped* This is somewhat uncomfortable.
(00:32:01) ladymcquillion Yet oddly sexy
(00:32:09) TeenaMegumi3: *snigger*
(00:32:19) authorkun: o_o
(00:32:28) ladymcquillion *gets a young priest and an old priest to deal with the typo demons*
(00:33:03) CorsecGreenXWing: *dies* well, you've already got a young priest duck-taped to the chat, so.....
(00:33:03) TeenaMegumi3: Sanzo and Koumyou?
(00:33:40) authorkun: Oh dear heavens no. If you duct tape Sanzo to anything... Um. I'd feel sorry for you.
(00:34:00) TeenaMegumi3: Yeah.
(00:34:34) authorkun: Sanzo-mun got taped. Er. Yeah...
(00:34:35) Viridian5: We're duct-taping Sanzo and Koumyou to each other?
(00:34:40) TeenaMegumi3: o.O
(00:34:49) ladymcquillion That could be interesting
(00:34:49) CorsecGreenXWing: HA
(00:34:50) LightfootHerald: XD;
(00:34:50) authorkun: .... Oh boy the mental images.
(00:34:55) TeenaMegumi3: Ouchie.
(00:35:17) authorkun: I'm sure it would be more interesting to duct tape him to someone else, though.
(00:35:17) CorsecGreenXWing: um.... yeah
(00:35:21) TeenaMegumi3: Usually Sanzo is on the OTHER SIDE of the pedophilia comments.
(00:35:23) CorsecGreenXWing: *blinks*
(00:35:28) CorsecGreenXWing: um...
(00:35:40) CorsecGreenXWing: *going away until she can regrow those brain cells*
(00:35:49) authorkun: XD
(00:35:56) LightfootHerald: Fah, brain cells, who needs 'em
(00:36:01) TeenaMegumi3: *is going to die ANYWAY, so might as well make cracks like that*
(00:36:36) CorsecGreenXWing: hehe
(00:36:42) authorkun: My death is imminent. Have you seen the kitty OOC icon?
(00:36:53) CorsecGreenXWing: EE! it's CUTE!
(00:36:55) TeenaMegumi3: I think if you wanted to make it worse, it could say 'Hello Kitty'.
(00:36:57) ladymcquillion For Sanzo??
(00:37:01) authorkun: Yep.
(00:37:02) TeenaMegumi3: Yep, Sanzo.
(00:37:10) ladymcquillion Share!
(00:37:29) authorkun: Lazy.
(00:37:51) LightfootHerald: ...SANZOKITTY
(00:37:54) ladymcquillion So much love!
(00:38:19) authorkun: Hee. I thought it turned out rather well... but it would have been hard to botch that one up too badly.
(00:38:28) Viridian5: Awwwwwww!
(00:38:40) LightfootHerald: *wonders who's who >_>*
(00:39:10) authorkun: <--The other kitty pictures.
(00:39:30) authorkun: Who's who what?
(00:39:31) LightfootHerald: ...Hakkaikitty is fricking adorable.
(00:39:39) authorkun: They're all terribly cute, I thought.
(00:39:42) LightfootHerald: I don't know everyone in here. >_> At least I don't think I do
(00:39:45) TeenaMegumi3: ...What's a good, relatively gender-neutral Japanese name?
(00:40:02) TeenaMegumi3: I'm TeenaMegumi3. I mun for Kanzeon, Yukio, and a couple of less important people.
(00:40:04) TeenaMegumi3: Lirin: HEY!
(00:40:11) authorkun: Kanzy-mun.
(00:40:21) LightfootHerald: Ooh.
(00:40:26) CorsecGreenXWing: of course hakkaikitty is adorable, it's HAKKAIkitty
(00:40:29) authorkun: You know me, I think. Er, right?
(00:40:33) LightfootHerald: Yes. :D
(00:40:57) authorkun: Drat. My unknown-ness is starting to wear off. *grin*
(00:41:05) TeenaMegumi3: Name!
(00:41:17) LightfootHerald: I don't know D:
(00:41:20) CorsecGreenXWing: *sniggers*
(00:41:38) LightfootHerald: *thinks Tohru as in Tohru from Fruits Basket is usually a guy's name, but isn't sure*
(00:41:42) TeenaMegumi3: >:(
(00:41:48) TeenaMegumi3: *kicks smiley*
(00:41:50) authorkun: What do I look like, your gopher?
(00:41:56) TeenaMegumi3: Yes, JIRO-CHAN.
(00:42:00) authorkun: Haha, I see no smilies... hey!
(00:42:06) TeenaMegumi3: *smug*
(00:42:16) authorkun: I'm not.
(00:42:38) authorkun: Fine, damn you. Gimme a minute.
(00:42:47) TeenaMegumi3: *win!*
(00:43:19) authorkun: *doesn't deserve this*
(00:43:30) CorsecGreenXWing: .....
(00:43:34) CorsecGreenXWing: *laaaaughs*
(00:43:51) TeenaMegumi3: I think anyone prepared to mun Jiroushin when I'm munning Kanzeon should be prepared to be my gopher.
(00:44:01) authorkun: I think you're cracked.
(00:44:10) TeenaMegumi3: She even gave him the username heavens_gopher. It's just asking for it.
(00:44:19) TeenaMegumi3: I KNOW I'm cracked. So what?
(00:44:42) ladymcquillion Tohru is usually a guys name, and it's common.
(00:44:48) authorkun: I gave HIM that name. Sheesh.
(00:45:46) TeenaMegumi3: *waits, fills in other stuff on profile while waiting*
(00:46:00) TeenaMegumi3: *......leaves gender unspecified*
(00:46:04) authorkun: Akira goes both ways. So says this... you know, if Sanzo kills you, I'm just going to laugh at you.
(00:46:05) grimbitter: Oops, sorry. Back now, eh heh.
(00:46:19) ladymcquillion Farf-mun, did you see the Aramis post in Sages?
(00:46:20) CorsecGreenXWing: um.. apparently Kaori can go either way
(00:46:24) grimbitter: The who now?
(00:46:34) CorsecGreenXWing: *saw this really fun manga in B&N the other day....*
(00:46:35) authorkun: Oh, I like that one.
(00:46:39) authorkun: K names are good.
(00:46:52) CorsecGreenXWing: and it's usually a girl's name, i think, so it would go with the confusion planned
(00:47:12) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori.... Hmmm.... Kanzy? Opinion?
(00:47:35) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: *ponders* Hm... I like it. Has a nice ring.
(00:49:20) authorkun: There you go then.
(00:49:28) grimbitter: Y HALO THAR ARAMIS! Hee. Do I have time tonight, or not. Hm...
(00:50:01) TeenaMegumi3: *fiddlefiddle*
(00:53:14) Viridian5: Farf has to talk to this guy sometime.
(00:53:22) grimbitter: It's true.
(00:53:44) TeenaMegumi3: Common ground.
(00:54:46) grimbitter: Farf: *grin*
(00:56:14) grimbitter: Oh, well if *Schu* is commenting... heh.
(00:57:45) Viridian5: Yes, I'm taking the chance this is a safe person to talk to.
(00:58:09) ladymcquillion You've got a list. You should be good
(00:58:15) grimbitter: ...Yeah.
(00:58:26) Viridian5: Dude, *new* characters.
(00:58:26) CorsecGreenXWing: *pets* i think you're okay
(00:58:46) TeenaMegumi3: There. Journal set up, and a default userpic.
(00:58:49) ladymcquillion *snuggles for good measure*
(00:58:50) CorsecGreenXWing: far as i know, they don't have anymore new ones coming in, cept for kryptonite_al
(00:58:54) Viridian5: Thanks. I've become seriously gunshy.
(00:59:04) CorsecGreenXWing: it's okay, i would be, too
(00:59:18) ladymcquillion And I'm in a different chat with at least one of the, and they're talking about posts.
(00:59:24) TeenaMegumi3:
(00:59:27) ladymcquillion So im pretty sure that's safe
(01:00:00) ladymcquillion Pretty icon!
(01:00:31) CorsecGreenXWing: that is pretty
(01:00:37) LightfootHerald: Very nice.
(01:00:49) authorkun: If I were smart, I'd be afraid.
(01:01:09) ladymcquillion No, no, you're the mun
(01:01:15) ladymcquillion Muns don't feel fear
(01:01:23) ladymcquillion Pups, on the other hand...
(01:01:25) LightfootHerald: *hugs Viridian*
(01:01:35) Viridian5: Thanks.
(01:01:45) TeenaMegumi3: Hi, Kaori, pleased to meet you.
(01:01:49) authorkun: Sanzo, afraid? Pfft.
(01:02:08) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *smiles* I'm not going to bother asking where I am. Hello, I'm pleased to meet you, too.
(01:02:21) CorsecGreenXWing: *snickers* Hakkai has no problem admitting he's terrified
(01:02:42) TeenaMegumi3: Hakkai isn't as bone-headed as Sanzo.
(01:02:46) ladymcquillion Ran is slightly worried. Nagi is muttering about popcorn.
(01:02:48) TeenaMegumi3: Saaaanzooooo!
(01:03:09) authorkun: Sanzo: *twitchglare*
(01:03:18) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *eyes light up in a familiar wicked way* Oh, is Genjyo here?
(01:03:34) authorkun: Sanzo: ...*leaving now*
(01:03:35) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ *backs away sloowly*
(01:04:13) Viridian5: ::not here::
(01:04:19) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *nope, not going anywhere, latches onto his arm**his gun arm* Genjyo! How is the field trip going?
(01:04:29) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *smile smile*
(01:05:03) authorkun: *facepalm*
(01:05:11) LightfootHerald: Mogget> *joins Nagi for popcorn*
(01:05:28) TeenaMegumi3: Pass the popcorn, please?
(01:05:37) CorsecGreenXWing: *shakes her head*
(01:05:41) Viridian5: *snerk*
(01:05:44) LightfootHerald: Mogget> I would, but...*holds up paws* No thumbs.
(01:06:05) authorkun: Sanzo: *yanking the arm away, no touchy the Sanzo* I don't know who the hell you are, and I don't care. Go away.
(01:06:06) LightfootHerald: *volleys the angst back to you, Plague*
(01:06:22) ladymcquillion Nagi> *shares the popcorn*
(01:06:23) Viridian5: Don't squeeze the Sanzo!
(01:06:30) LightfootHerald: ...*is ten*
(01:06:30) TeenaMegumi3: Yum, popcorn.
(01:06:39) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: But he makes such funny noises when you squeeze him.
(01:06:39) ladymcquillion ....Sanzo=Charmin?
(01:06:48) CorsecGreenXWing: ......
(01:06:55) CorsecGreenXWing: well..... he IS white and billowy XD
(01:06:56) grimbitter: Gojyo: XD
(01:06:58) LightfootHerald: Wasn't exactly where my mind went, but that works!
(01:07:01) authorkun: Hee.
(01:07:16) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Genjyo, really! What a way to treat someone who saved your life! *tugs a pin out of her hair and chews on it*
(01:07:38) LightfootHerald: Hrrrn. I can't find my USB cord hence I can't use my printer and ARGH I need icon fodder
(01:07:39) TeenaMegumi3: *looks at Kanzeon* You're crazy as a human, too.
(01:07:44) authorkun: Sanzo: ... *glare* What?
(01:07:44) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: ^_^
(01:08:37) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: When your pet monkey lost it? Well, admittedly, you were out of it at the time, but one of the other two must have mentioned it.
(01:09:29) grimbitter: Kanan: My goodness! How sacrilegious...
(01:09:41) authorkun: *facepalm again, oi vey*
(01:09:48) TeenaMegumi3: Sheesh.
(01:09:51) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: -_-
(01:10:34) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Who's sacrilegious now? *very much 'excuse you?' expression*
(01:10:35) grimbitter: Kanan: *ignoring you la la la*
(01:11:04) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *rolls his eyes, resists the urge to smack BOTH of them*
(01:11:10) grimbitter: Kanan: A god being reborn as a human? How inappropriate.
(01:11:18) authorkun: Sanzo: I don't know what you're talking about. *is not going to stay here for this, bastards - have fun Hakkai*
(01:11:19) Viridian5: *snerk*
(01:11:34) TeenaMegumi3: Sanzo? She's Kanzeon. *points at Kaori* Sort of.
(01:11:36) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ahaha, Sanzo? Going somewhere?
(01:12:30) authorkun: Sanzo: That's fine. I still don't care. *to Hakkai**pointedly* Yes, I am.
(01:12:46) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: First off, we've never met, so I don't know what you THINK you know about me. Second of all, looking at that cross around your neck, I don't think you're placed to judge what is and isn't sacrilegious from a Buddhist context.
(01:13:09) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *this look says 'that's what you think'*
(01:13:42) authorkun: Sanzo: *this look says 'go ahead and try to stop me, smartass'*
(01:13:45) ladymcquillion Nagi: Mmmm... popcorn
(01:13:53) grimbitter: Kanan: Buddhism is sacrilegious in and of itself, madam.
(01:14:00) TeenaMegumi3: Nice popcorn. *leans towards Kanzeon* Are we about to see a catfight?
(01:14:01) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ *this look says give him a reason*
(01:14:06) Viridian5: Gah! It is late for me. I must go to bed so I can get up for work and such.
(01:14:13) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: Hmm... Maybe. My, those hairpins of hers are sharp, aren't they?
(01:14:14) Viridian5: Good night, all!
(01:14:17) authorkun: Night!
(01:14:17) grimbitter: Sad! Gnight!
(01:14:20) CorsecGreenXWing: night!
(01:14:34) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Perhaps to the narrowminded. *smile smile*
(01:14:45) TeenaMegumi3: Night.
(01:15:00) authorkun: Sanzo: ... *right, walking out now, screw this*
(01:15:02) grimbitter: Kanan: Perhaps it is that your mind is *overly* widened. ^_^
(01:15:04) ladymcquillion g'night!
(01:15:28) LightfootHerald: Night!
(01:15:39) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ahaha, Sanzo! You wouldn't want to miss the fun!
(01:15:48) ladymcquillion Hmm... i've got a friend who doesn't RP, but is nicely insane. Mind if I invite him in?
(01:15:52) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Much like your body, you mean? *lingering meaningful glance at Kanan's hips*
(01:15:54) CorsecGreenXWing: go for it
(01:16:01) TeenaMegumi3: Oh dear.
(01:16:08) Viridian5 left the room.
(01:16:14) grimbitter: *snickers*
(01:16:17) Vertelemming entered the room.
(01:16:21) CorsecGreenXWing: >D hey, if she wants to subject her friend to this.... HI!
(01:16:31) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori fights nasty. Hi, new one.
(01:16:33) authorkun: More power to ya, whoot.
(01:16:33) Vertelemming: ... did I just get recruited for doom?
(01:16:36) TeenaMegumi3: Yes.
(01:16:37) authorkun: Yes!
(01:16:37) ladymcquillion I want to see what happens when two insanities meet!
(01:16:45) Vertelemming: Oh. Well, that sounds reasonable.
(01:16:48) grimbitter: Kanan: Ah, attacking one's physical appearance. The sign of a true intellectual.
(01:16:50) authorkun: Sanzo: *oh my, that's a nasty glare, are you sure you want to get in his way?*
(01:17:03) authorkun: Don't mind the pups running around. Um.
(01:17:22) ladymcquillion Lemmingboy, these people are all ones I know from Sages.
(01:17:23) Vertelemming: All I wanna do is eat your brains.
(01:17:32) ladymcquillion And you obviously fit in perfectly
(01:17:37) grimbitter: :D
(01:17:41) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: The physical and the spiritual are two sides of one self, and both are of importance.
(01:17:46) authorkun: I have no brains, sorry. :D
(01:17:55) Vertelemming: ... *Puts them on a spice rack?*
(01:18:09) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Sanzo. *that glare has nothing on this smile* You couldn't possibly want to leave and miss this. You must not be thinking clearly.
(01:18:13) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Sadly, both of yours seem lacking.
(01:18:21) grimbitter: Kanan: Oh, pardon me. Does that make you one-dimensional?
(01:18:50) CorsecGreenXWing: hey lemming! We don't wanna eat your eyes, we just wanna eat your brains!
(01:18:54) TeenaMegumi3: Pull up some popcorn, watch the bitchfight.
(01:19:11) grimbitter: *nods* The crazy is mighty tonight.
(01:19:23) authorkun: Sanzo: Oh, I'm thinking perfectly clearly.
(01:19:28) CorsecGreenXWing: it is indeed, did we get into the radioactive popcorn or something?
(01:19:28) authorkun: Yep yep...
(01:19:29) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Only to those who lack the sight to see the non-physical half. ^_^
(01:19:37) Vertelemming: We're at an impasse here. Maybe we should comprimise.
(01:19:38) authorkun: I blame Gojyo.
(01:19:44) grimbitter: Gojyo: HEY!
(01:19:50) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ I don't know, Sanzo. You seem to think you'll be leaving soon.
(01:19:53) TeenaMegumi3: Me, too. He should have killed her.
(01:19:55) CorsecGreenXWing: always blame gojyo
(01:19:57) authorkun: Because it's always Gojyo's fault.
(01:20:02) CorsecGreenXWing: indeed
(01:20:05) grimbitter: Gojyo: ...*facepalm*
(01:20:26) authorkun: Sanzo: Either I'm leaving soon or people are going to DIE.
(01:20:33) grimbitter: Kanan: He was welcome to try, of course.
(01:20:54) ladymcquillion Ran: *ponders dragging Sanzo off for a picnic*
(01:20:59) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Now, that, Sanzo, is something we could agree upon.
(01:21:06) TeenaMegumi3: Does people mean her, Sanzo? *points at Kanan*
(01:21:12) grimbitter: Gojyo: *resists the urge to ask Ran if Sanzo is indeed Charmin-like*
(01:21:23) authorkun: Sanzo: *twitch* It means every goddamn person who won't shut the hell up.
(01:21:24) ladymcquillion *snickers*
(01:21:59) authorkun: He's not. Too skinny.
(01:22:00) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *cleans under her nails with the hairpin* My, you're crabby tonight, Genjyo.
(01:22:01) monkeyneedsfood entered the room.
(01:22:08) CorsecGreenXWing: heya!
(01:22:13) grimbitter: Yo.
(01:22:13) authorkun: Welcome to the insanity
(01:22:13) CorsecGreenXWing: welcome to insanity!
(01:22:14) TeenaMegumi3: Hi. Welcome to the crack.
(01:22:17) CorsecGreenXWing: ......dude
(01:22:20) authorkun: .... Jinx?
(01:22:22) monkeyneedsfood: weeeee
(01:22:23) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: ^_^ Hello, Goku!
(01:22:23) CorsecGreenXWing: totally
(01:22:24) grimbitter: In stereo, where available.
(01:22:36) authorkun: XD
(01:22:43) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ahaha, I confess, I wouldn't mind killing both of them.
(01:22:48) TeenaMegumi3: Meet Kaori. She's a reincarnation of Kanzeon.
(01:22:54) TeenaMegumi3: She's just as crazy.
(01:23:00) monkeyneedsfood: oh my
(01:23:07) grimbitter: Kanan: You are also welcome to try, beast.
(01:23:12) grimbitter: Kanan: *beams*
(01:23:21) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: After what you did, death would be a polite end.
(01:23:23) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *quietly examines her hairpin, which is indeed, very sharp*
(01:23:28) monkeyneedsfood: bodhisattva's everywhere
(01:23:34) authorkun: Sanzo: ...
(01:23:46) ladymcquillion Nagi: *idly wonders if Kanan's head could be ripped from her body, purely for the challenge of it*
(01:23:46) grimbitter: Kanan: *quietly examines her mind, which is indeed very very cracked*
(01:24:12) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: My my. It's not polite at all to call Hakkai-san such things.
(01:24:23) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *smiles politely. this shouldn't take too long*
(01:24:34) authorkun: Sanzo: *is torn between leaving no matter what kind of smile Hakkai gives him and shooting everyone in sight... leaning towards the latter*
(01:24:38) grimbitter: Kanan: I'm afraid I haven't the patience to be polite to murders, sorry.
(01:24:53) grimbitter: *murderers
(01:24:55) grimbitter: gah.
(01:24:58) CorsecGreenXWing: hehe
(01:25:01) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Like yourself? ^_^
(01:25:03) grimbitter: (He's just a murder!)
(01:25:08) monkeyneedsfood: ha
(01:25:11) CorsecGreenXWing: well, if she had her way...
(01:25:17) LightfootHerald: Rai> One sin does not correct another.
(01:25:17) grimbitter: Kanan: I? I have killed no one, and I resent the implication.
(01:25:17) ladymcquillion (That character left with V!)
(01:25:29) grimbitter: (*snerk*)
(01:25:30) CorsecGreenXWing: HAAAAA
(01:25:33) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Really? What about the child?
(01:25:41) monkeyneedsfood: OOOh snap
(01:25:50) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ...
(01:25:55) authorkun: Sanzo: ...
(01:26:00) grimbitter: Kanan: ...^_^ What about him?
(01:26:01) ladymcquillion *gives Kaori a brownie point*
(01:26:18) CorsecGreenXWing: *listens to the sirens in her head that keep saying "DANGER! DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!"*
(01:26:45) ladymcquillion *listens to Nagi start to mutter more loudly in the direction of Kanan*
(01:27:00) grimbitter: Kanan: *crazzy crazy crazy la la la*
(01:27:31) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Does the child not count, because it was unborn? Or perhaps simply because it was the child of a youkai. Or a child you didn't want. My, the reasons you could come up with why it didn't count are endless, aren't they?
(01:27:46) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *twitches*
(01:27:56) authorkun: Sanzo: *hm, is the gun loaded? yes it is* You. Shut up.
(01:28:02) authorkun: Sanzo: Both of you.
(01:28:13) grimbitter: Kanan: The child was unborn, certanily, but it was *not* a.... ah, Sanzo-sama, how rude.
(01:28:35) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ... not a what, kanan...
(01:28:40) grimbitter: Kanan: ^_^
(01:28:54) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *this would be a very large ball of chi forming*
(01:29:17) grimbitter: Kanan: Not a disgusting halfbreed, beast.
(01:29:24) grimbitter: (kanan's gonna diiiiiiiie!)
(01:29:25) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Hm. *steps out of the way and neatly traces barrier runes on the ground around her with the hairpin*
(01:29:45) ladymcquillion Nagi:....
(01:29:49) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: So.. even then you weren't worth saving.
(01:30:05) ladymcquillion Nagi: *things nearby are breaking now*
(01:30:09) monkeyneedsfood: Goku ..!
(01:30:10) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *is crazy and reckless, but not STUPID*
(01:30:23) grimbitter: Gojyo: *is really regretting sharing brainspace with the crazy bitch, thanks*
(01:30:31) authorkun: Sanzo: *isn't his fight, not getting involved...*
(01:30:54) CorsecGreenXWing: (*is dying at that progression of pups, yes*)
(01:30:57) ladymcquillion Nagi: *could end this quickly, very easily. But it's not his fight*
(01:31:15) grimbitter: Kanan: I've promised to not kill you until after you finish your quest. Please don't tempt me into breaking that promise.
(01:31:28) LightfootHerald: Mogget> *hissing and it's times like these he wishes he could be uncollared*
(01:31:37) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *listens to this and traces another circle of barrier runes inside the first one*
(01:31:51) monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: I could kill her know bro.
(01:31:58) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Why would I bother, Kanan? You were always too weak. Too weak to protect yourself and too weak to do anything but choose the coward's way out.
(01:32:25) grimbitter: Gojyo: Nah. If *I* don't get to, you don't either, Jien.
(01:33:53) grimbitter: Kanan: Weak? How's your halfbreed wife, beast? ^___^
(01:34:08) grimbitter: Gojyo: ...No, really. Can I *not* share brainspace with her?
(01:34:14) monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: Figured it was an easy way out of that. She's got issues with demons I'm a demon
(01:34:15) TeenaMegumi3: I think you're about to, Gojyo.
(01:34:23) authorkun: Sanzo: ...You take up brainspace?
(01:34:34) grimbitter: Gojyo: Oh, fuck you, Cherry-chan.
(01:34:35) TeenaMegumi3: *snerk!*
(01:35:02) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *smiiiiiiiiiles*
(01:35:03) authorkun: Sanzo: *smirk*
(01:35:33) grimbitter: Kanan: *can smiiiiiiiiile too!*
(01:35:41) ladymcquillion Nagi: *whispers to Gojyo* Is there any reason why I shouldn't tear her apart?
(01:35:58) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *can she smile with a ball of chi thrown at her? let's find out*
(01:36:06) authorkun: *is still duct-taped to the chat, this could become inconvenient*
(01:36:11) grimbitter: Gojyo: *whispering back* She's Hakkai's.
(01:36:29) CorsecGreenXWing: *eyes Gojyo* now THAT"S a statement with too many meanings
(01:36:37) grimbitter: Kanan: *random magical shield thing GO!*
(01:36:39) ladymcquillion Nagi: *still whispering* Is it gonna break him to kill her?
(01:36:59) grimbitter: Gojyo: Eh heh... meant *you* get t'... aw, fuck it. Can we kill her now?
(01:37:05) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *will admit he's surprised, yes* Well, so you can teach an old dog new tricks, hm?
(01:37:07) grimbitter: Gojyo: *whispering* Fuck I hope not.
(01:37:21) grimbitter: Kanan: Indeed. the Nexus is very useful for those who wish to learn.
(01:37:44) grimbitter: Kanan: Such as this one. *hello big gun!*
(01:38:03) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *smirk* My, what big teeth you have.
(01:38:05) monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: It shouldn't break him if I kill her
(01:38:06) ladymcquillion Nagi: *tries to take that gun away, beeeatch*
(01:38:27) grimbitter: Kanan: *disarmed, woes!*
(01:38:40) grimbitter: Kanan: That was mine, boy.
(01:38:48) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Not anymore, it seems.
(01:39:00) ladymcquillion Nagi: Whatever, bitch. I left you your arms.
(01:39:05) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Nagi.
(01:39:14) Vertelemming: O_O
(01:39:26) CorsecGreenXWing: *pets the poor non-rper*
(01:39:43) grimbitter: Heh. Don't mind us - we warned you we were crazy!
(01:39:46) Vertelemming: >_>
(01:39:52) authorkun: Aye.
(01:39:56) Vertelemming: *Has had the chat minimized for the past fifteen minutes*
(01:40:01) CorsecGreenXWing: HA
(01:40:06) grimbitter: Heh.
(01:40:06) TeenaMegumi3: You missed a lot.
(01:40:07) CorsecGreenXWing: what a nice place to come in, ya?
(01:40:08) monkeyneedsfood: probably for the best
(01:40:09) LightfootHerald: ...SURPRISE
(01:40:11) Vertelemming: The Power of Geek compels you. :P
(01:40:12) ladymcquillion Nagi: What? I haven't really interfered yet. If I was really getting involved I'd be stabbing her in the chest with her own hand.
(01:40:24) grimbitter: Kanan: *totally intrigued now* You can do that?
(01:40:34) LightfootHerald: Mogget> *impressed*
(01:41:09) TeenaMegumi3: Handy trick, I'm sure.
(01:41:18) ladymcquillion Nagi: *nods* Easy trick. Good for the effect. Farf's seen it.
(01:41:22) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *smiiiiile* But would that be any way to treat a lady? *and is attacking while she's distracted really very nice? no, but does he care? qi-gong isn't just chi*
(01:41:24) authorkun: Sanzo: *there are just no words for this...*
(01:41:31) TeenaMegumi3: *.....the pun was not intentional, makes them by sheer habit by now*
(01:41:51) ladymcquillion Nagi: She lost lady status when she said she didn't have to be polite to me.
(01:41:52) CorsecGreenXWing: *diiiiiiiies* oh goodness, that didn't even register before
(01:41:52) grimbitter: Farf: *not really here, but* Aye. It's fun. And messy!
(01:42:30) authorkun: Sanzo: *is going to lean against a wall and smoke now, you guys have fun*
(01:42:47) grimbitter: Kanan: *dodge dodge shield duck* You've become stronger. Good. Please do hurry up and kill that thing out west, won't you?
(01:42:52) ladymcquillion Ran: Hey Sanzo, how's your cold?
(01:43:10) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *running a fingertip along his limiters* Why wait? Shall we see how much you've learned?
(01:43:17) authorkun: Sanzo: ... *no comment*
(01:43:32) monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: My everyone is so energetic
(01:43:45) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *waves to Koumyou lightly*
(01:44:00) CorsecGreenXWing: collective muses in Plague's head that are not hakkai: we're staying out of this
(01:44:01) grimbitter: Kanan: I *would* prefer to fight you when you aren't waring my brother's face, yes. ^_^
(01:44:18) grimbitter: *wearing
(01:44:42) monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: smiles waves back
(01:44:44) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Well, then. I never was able to deny you anything. *bye-bye limiters*
(01:45:00) ladymcquillion Ran: *waves to Koumyou*
(01:45:04) LightfootHerald: ...
(01:45:04) grimbitter: Kanan: Not true. You didn't die when I asked you to. *oh shit no limiters!*
(01:45:05) authorkun: Sanzo: *is Not Involved*
(01:45:11) LightfootHerald: *DUCKS AND COVERS HI*
(01:45:15) ladymcquillion Mun: Ooooh, pretty hakkai-demon. *distracted now*
(01:45:24) monkeyneedsfood: Koumyou: smiles waves back
(01:45:24) grimbitter: Mun: *nods*
(01:45:49) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *also distracted*
(01:45:57) authorkun: At least there's no minus wave thingy here. *nice view, this is*
(01:46:00) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *smile + fangs = wrong* Trust me. I tried.
(01:46:14) ladymcquillion Nagi: That's kinda hot
(01:46:33) authorkun: Sanzo: *eyetwitch**smoke*
(01:46:37) CorsecGreenXWing: you know, watching hakkai just roll his eyes over here in my head is kinda fun
(01:46:45) TeenaMegumi3: *grin*
(01:46:49) CorsecGreenXWing: he should get mass-complimented more often XD
(01:46:52) grimbitter: Kanan: And you failed. Again.
(01:47:04) monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: Yeah that's hot, I mean no I like chicks
(01:47:09) TeenaMegumi3: *dead*
(01:47:23) grimbitter: Mun: youkai!Hakkai. Yum.
(01:47:43) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *twitch* Oh, I don't know. Isn't it the thought that counts? *here, see if your shield can match his speed*
(01:48:13) TeenaMegumi3: Lirin: Hot? It doesn't feel that warm in here... *blinkblink*
(01:48:15) grimbitter: Kanan: It is not. *eep! not quite... ow.*
(01:48:28) grimbitter: Kanan* stupid shield failing*
(01:48:55) TeenaMegumi3: So adorable, so clueless.... *gently shoos Lirin off*
(01:49:17) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *licking blood off his claws* Ah, it seems not. But practice makes perfect, no?
(01:49:18) authorkun: Sanzo: *mutters* Damn perverts.
(01:49:25) grimbitter: Gojyo: *raises an eyebrow at Doku* Uh-huh.
(01:49:48) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: So uptight all the time, Genjyo. You should relax more.
(01:50:08) grimbitter: Kanan: *owww.* Does this mean you intend to try again and again until you get it right? You always were a slow learner. *grenade!*
(01:50:17) grimbitter: (why did that hypertext? i'm so confused)
(01:50:23) LightfootHerald: (The www.
(01:50:27) TeenaMegumi3: Three ws with a dot.
(01:50:28) grimbitter: (ah, thanks)
(01:50:50) ladymcquillion Nagi:*protects people from the grenade*
(01:50:59) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *dodges, it's easier*
(01:51:26) LightfootHerald: Rai> *is unaffected, as usual*
(01:51:34) grimbitter: Gojyo: *totally not torn between rage and "hey baby nice claws"!*
(01:51:42) CorsecGreenXWing: speaking of rai... *ren comments*
(01:51:55) LightfootHerald: Saw that. *is poking Rai*
(01:52:03) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Tra la la... *pulls a small book out of the sleeve of her kimono and starts leafing through it*
(01:52:28) authorkun: Sanzo: Bah.
(01:52:38) grimbitter: Kanan: *can you dodge these? poison darts ftw!*
(01:53:37) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *ow.. well, most of them. he pulls out the one that connected* ^_^ Ah, I see you have been doing more with your time than tormenting people
(01:53:38) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Protection from evil, protection from possession, protection from curses.... You know, someone really needs to create a 'protection from crazy' spell.
(01:53:53) authorkun: Sanzo: What about protection from morons?
(01:53:54) grimbitter: Farf: *grins at Kaori* Do they?
(01:54:17) CorsecGreenXWing: Ren: *perks up at protection from possession*
(01:54:19) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: They do. It would be so useful.
(01:54:28) ladymcquillion Nagi: I think it's called Protection from Madness.
(01:54:36) grimbitter: Kanan: Idle hands, beast. *will the poison eat your bones? let's find out!*
(01:54:52) ladymcquillion Nagi: Try the Lords of Madness book.
(01:54:55) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: When I say protection from crazy, I mean crazy PERSON.
(01:55:17) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Not going crazy.
(01:55:25) ladymcquillion Nagi: I could totally kill her right now if someone hadn't claimed the kill.
(01:55:29) LightfootHerald: Mogget> Diamonds of protection shield from nearly anything.
(01:55:34) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Yes, but a beast with a high resistance. Will your poison work before it burns off?
(01:56:09) grimbitter: Kanan: It has before. ^_^
(01:56:33) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Oh well, delay poison is easy... *flipflip*
(01:56:45) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *growls* Then I had better not wait on it, hm? *this would be an insane demon going for your neck. enjoy the view*
(01:56:49) grimbitter: Gojyo: *is seriously tempted to take Nagi up on his offer*
(01:57:00) grimbitter: Kanan: O_O
(01:57:06) grimbitter: Kanan: x_x
(01:57:46) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: We wouldn't want to end this too quickly, would we? *a little pressure here, a little pinprick there...*
(01:58:40) grimbitter: Kanan: *hoarse scratchy voice and ow ow ow shit* You must... get along quite well with... Kudoh...
(01:59:36) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: I don't get along with anyone very well, Kanan. Few associate with beasts, as I'm sure you know. *hm, and let's see.. his knife would have left a scar right.. about.. here...*
(02:01:12) grimbitter: Gojyo: *hello concerned voice* Hakkai...
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