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Chat Insanity: Part II

(02:01:57) ladymcquillion Nagi: Being a telepath sucks.
(02:02:16) ladymcquillion Nagi: Seriously. Can I end this now?
(02:02:19) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ You're right, Gojyo. No sense in giving her too much time to pray for redemption. *hand tightening. oh, was that a snapping sound? yes, believe it was*
(02:02:56) grimbitter: Kanan: *ded*
(02:03:05) grimbitter: (and the universe rejoyces!)
(02:03:11) CorsecGreenXWing: (huzzah)
(02:03:18) ladymcquillion (YAYS)
(02:03:38) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *lifeless body, check. don't need that anymore. now where'd he drop the limiters...*
(02:03:51) grimbitter: Gojyo: *ahem* Here.
(02:04:17) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *flipping through book with one hand, cuts through her barrier circles with the hairpin in the other*
(02:04:59) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *totally not sane right now, limiters on yay... whoo, maybe not yay* I'll be back home, Gojyo.
(02:05:12) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Ah, Hakkai-san?
(02:05:34) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *raised eyebrow*
(02:06:33) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Has your body fought off the poison, or is it just resisting it? I'm sure Gojyo would rather not come home to find you dying.
(02:07:12) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: I'll be fine. *this smile says that's probably not true, but he really doesn't care either way*
(02:07:21) monkeyneedsfood: Dokugaku: We could get Yaone to come up with an antidote
(02:07:39) ladymcquillion Nagi: Dude. Not allowed to die. You gotta cook for me.
(02:08:01) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Ahaha, yes. That would be remiss of me.
(02:08:12) grimbitter: Gojyo: >.>
(02:08:38) authorkun: Sanzo: ...*smoke* He won't die.
(02:08:45) TeenaMegumi3: Deja vu.
(02:08:53) monkeyneedsfood: Goku: yeah we need you for the quest
(02:08:56) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: .. thank you for the vote of confidence, Sanzo
(02:09:13) authorkun: Sanzo: Hn.
(02:09:16) grimbitter: Gojyo: *glares* You -won't-.
(02:09:27) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *mutters something and closes her book with a 'snap', tucking it back into her sleeve*
(02:09:33) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *blank stare* No reason to now.
(02:09:42) grimbitter: Gojyo: ...
(02:10:18) grimbitter: Gojyo: Will somebody get th'poison out of his body already?
(02:10:31) CorsecGreenXWing: (and don't you just love hakkai-logic? is it equal to fujimiya-logic, i wonder?)
(02:10:38) grimbitter: (very similar!)
(02:10:49) authorkun: Related species.
(02:10:54) CorsecGreenXWing: hehehe
(02:11:03) ladymcquillion (Fujimiya-logic always wins!)
(02:11:21) CorsecGreenXWing: (i don't know, hakkai drives the jeep off cliffs)
(02:11:27) grimbitter: (because it acknowledges no other logic. *nods*)
(02:11:34) CorsecGreenXWing: *snickers*
(02:11:40) authorkun: There can be only one.
(02:11:53) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: And you ask so NICELY, too.
(02:11:53) CorsecGreenXWing: *sighs, starts singing the highlander theme song*
(02:11:56) authorkun: That's not logic. That's just crazy.
(02:12:07) authorkun: Hehe.
(02:12:19) authorkun: Sanzo: Just do it, hag.
(02:12:27) grimbitter: Gojyo: Fine. *Please*. Now fuckin' fix him!
(02:12:29) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ah, now, Sanzo...
(02:12:50) authorkun: Sanzo: *raised eyebrow**unconcerned*
(02:12:54) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: *sighs and takes out the book again, opens it* we are, purify from poison...
(02:13:18) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *sighs*
(02:13:21) ladymcquillion (loves that Kaori seems to be using the Players Handbook for spells)
(02:13:30) monkeyneedsfood: hee
(02:13:37) grimbitter: (?)
(02:13:38) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Genjyo, why do you insist on calling me that? It's so nasty. *walks over to Hakkai*
(02:14:02) TeenaMegumi3: (Hey, if it works...)
(02:14:09) CorsecGreenXWing: (well, at least she isn't using the one book i found that was titled "Everyday Spells" and included BAD POETRY to summon HECATE)
(02:14:20) TeenaMegumi3: (Ow.)
(02:14:23) monkeyneedsfood: (eww)
(02:14:23) authorkun: Sanzo: Tch.
(02:14:27) CorsecGreenXWing: (it was BAD poetry, too)
(02:14:36) CorsecGreenXWing: (like... rhyming couplets)
(02:15:04) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *raises an eyebrow again* Is this necessary?
(02:15:11) ladymcquillion Nagi: Yes
(02:15:14) grimbitter: Gojyo: Yes.
(02:15:57) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *sighs*
(02:16:18) LightfootHerald: (Rai responds)
(02:16:39) CorsecGreenXWing: (i saw and am in pain, and hope rai will forgive ren for this response)
(02:16:50) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: Majority rules, apparently. ^_^ *pierces her finger with the hairpin and touches the bloody finger to his lips, chanting quietly**magic-y effects happen, yadda yadda yadda, she pulls her hand back, he is HEALED!*
(02:16:58) LightfootHerald: (Rai will forgive Ren anything, you know that XP)
(02:17:44) CorsecGreenXWing: (i spose so, and.... i SO wanna see her doing this like 'faith healer' thing, then Hakkai faints and is MAGICALLY HEALED!)
(02:17:48) authorkun: Thank the lord... er... pagan gods? Random magic energies? Eh, whatever.
(02:17:52) TeenaMegumi3: (Hee!)
(02:18:17) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *blinks... stares.... takes a few steps, and whee, hello ground*
(02:18:28) CorsecGreenXWing: (*coughs* sorry, i couldn't resist)
(02:18:28) LightfootHerald: (Why am I reminded of my drunken cleric character?)
(02:18:37) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: ...Oh, I probably should have warned him about that.
(02:18:48) CorsecGreenXWing: (um.... cause you're often reminded of your sabrous chars?)
(02:18:59) monkeyneedsfood: (drunken clerics are sooo much fun)
(02:19:10) LightfootHerald: (I CAN'T HELP IT.)
(02:19:19) ladymcquillion (gonna kill the naughty sourceress now. shall pay attention in a bit)
(02:19:26) LightfootHerald: (And I use her in more than Sabrous man)
(02:19:28) CorsecGreenXWing: *snickers*
(02:19:45) grimbitter: I'm afraid I'm out, all. *yaaaaaawn*
(02:19:55) LightfootHerald: *HUGS*
(02:19:56) LightfootHerald: Night
(02:19:57) CorsecGreenXWing: g'night!
(02:19:58) TeenaMegumi3: Bai.
(02:20:05) monkeyneedsfood: night
(02:20:10) CorsecGreenXWing: how the heck did a catfight turn into kanan being ded?
(02:20:21) TeenaMegumi3: Button-pushing.
(02:20:33) ladymcquillion Very deadly cats
(02:20:34) authorkun: Night!
(02:20:35) grimbitter: So, tomorrow, hosting the dinner in Gojyo's journal, yeah? I'll post early, as I don't know when people'll be around.
(02:20:37) CorsecGreenXWing: and a decided lack of the avf, yes
(02:20:40) grimbitter: And becaue we could! ^_^
(02:20:41) ladymcquillion sounds good!
(02:20:42) CorsecGreenXWing: yay dinner!
(02:20:50) ladymcquillion and will the dead stick for sages?
(02:20:51) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori, you're an instigator.
(02:20:52) LightfootHerald: ...You plotted evil without meeeee? ;_;
(02:21:00) TeenaMegumi3: Kaori: ^___^
(02:21:03) CorsecGreenXWing: i don't know, will it?
(02:21:07) authorkun: Sanzo: *had nothing to do with this, dammit*
(02:21:18) grimbitter: This bit of evil deading? Nah. Ought to bring her into the Nexus proper... Aya-chan wants to see her anyway, so...
(02:21:25) ladymcquillion Heee
(02:21:27) CorsecGreenXWing: ah, yessssssss
(02:21:29) ladymcquillion *saves chatlog*
(02:21:30) grimbitter: This? *Rehersal*.
(02:21:36) grimbitter: *did so also*
(02:21:40) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai = okay with that
(02:21:45) grimbitter: Hee.
(02:21:59) CorsecGreenXWing: totally saved, yep
(02:22:08) grimbitter: Okay, unconscious. Good night, sweet ladies, good night, good night!
(02:22:10) TeenaMegumi3: Great. That means Kaori can show on Sages with a clean slate and initial reactions.
(02:22:19) authorkun: Heh.
(02:22:21) CorsecGreenXWing: yep, she can at that
(02:22:22) ladymcquillion YAY
(02:22:33) CorsecGreenXWing: *giggles* and hakkai gets to kill kanan AAAAALL over again :D
(02:22:38) TeenaMegumi3: Heh.
(02:22:42) grimbitter left the room.
(02:22:47) LightfootHerald: I'll bet he's thrilled to pieces.
(02:22:52) ladymcquillion Nagi so wanted to just rip her head off
(02:23:03) ladymcquillion Nagi: *emo now*
(02:23:05) authorkun: A lot of people do
(02:23:10) TeenaMegumi3: Nagi needs a hug.
(02:23:30) authorkun: Sanzo: *dryly* Where's Aya when you need her.
(02:23:30) ladymcquillion Nagi: That's a good start
(02:23:43) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *not-nice-smile* Now, you wouldn't have wanted to kill my sister in front of me, would you, Nagi?
(02:24:01) LightfootHerald: Tobias> *bounces up to Nagi and HUGS! :D*
(02:24:18) ladymcquillion Nagi: I totally could have made you turn around. Then i'd kill her behind you instead.
(02:24:43) ladymcquillion Nagi: *defends from the stranger out of reflex*
(02:24:47) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *flat stare* I would hate to have to test my skills against yours, nagi
(02:25:01) LightfootHerald: Tobias> *unaffected* Hiiiiiiiiiiiii :D:D:D
(02:25:12) CorsecGreenXWing: oh yeah, toby's a god, btw
(02:25:18) authorkun: Sanzo: *needs another cigarette now* Just drop it, Nagi.
(02:25:18) ladymcquillion Nagi: Only woulda done it if that grenade had hurt other people. Or if she was winning.
(02:25:24) LightfootHerald: Insane death god.
(02:25:29) ladymcquillion Cool!
(02:25:38) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Then we're fine
(02:26:03) TeenaMegumi3: ....god, Hakkai should meet Seishirou.
(02:26:10) CorsecGreenXWing: ?
(02:26:23) CorsecGreenXWing: brb
(02:26:30) LightfootHerald: kk
(02:26:53) authorkun: Oi. Seishirou's a scary smiling crazy man.
(02:27:32) TeenaMegumi3: Yes! Exactly!
(02:27:42) TeenaMegumi3: They have so much in common.
(02:28:30) TeenaMegumi3: *isn't sure whether to go ahead and make Kaori's Sages entrance at this late hour*
(02:28:46) LightfootHerald: Go for it. :3
(02:28:52) LightfootHerald: *ENABLES*
(02:29:00) TeenaMegumi3: *snerk*
(02:29:00) CorsecGreenXWing: back, wha'd i miss?
(02:29:11) monkeyneedsfood: enabling
(02:29:22) authorkun: I guess they are alike... Except Hakkai isn't premanently stuck in scary-crazy mode.
(02:29:29) TeenaMegumi3: True.
(02:29:33) CorsecGreenXWing: well, he is, he just hides it better
(02:29:50) TeenaMegumi3: Seishirou is a sociopathic magical assassin.
(02:29:55) ladymcquillion Awesome!
(02:30:05) CorsecGreenXWing: hakkai's a sociopathic quasi-magical demon killer
(02:30:20) TeenaMegumi3: They have so much in common. Seishirou smiles all the time, too.
(02:30:24) CorsecGreenXWing: see? totally different -_-
(02:30:35) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^
(02:31:18) monkeyneedsfood: What world is Seishirou? It sound familier but I can't place it?
(02:31:27) TeenaMegumi3: Tokyo Babylon and X/1999.
(02:31:29) authorkun: But Hakkai knows the meaning of the word guilt, doesn't he?
(02:31:31) TeenaMegumi3: Sakurazuka Seishirou.
(02:31:39) monkeyneedsfood: Ah. that's why
(02:31:57) monkeyneedsfood: yup he's the crazy
(02:32:14) TeenaMegumi3: Oh yes.
(02:32:25) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Of course. Guilt is what those with a conscience feel.
(02:32:48) TeenaMegumi3: I'm sure Seishirou knows the dictionary definition, too.
(02:32:49) ladymcquillion Nagi: Guilt, isn't that Schu's name in English?
(02:33:11) RainySoulMiasma entered the room.
(02:33:15) LightfootHerald: ...Person!
(02:33:17) authorkun: Hiya.
(02:33:17) TeenaMegumi3: Hi?
(02:33:18) RainySoulMiasma: 'Allo
(02:33:27) CorsecGreenXWing: heyo!
(02:33:28) TeenaMegumi3: Do I know you without knowing that I know you?
(02:33:29) ladymcquillion You missed so much fun
(02:33:36) authorkun: Yes.
(02:33:38) ladymcquillion Rainy=Yohji-mun
(02:33:42) TeenaMegumi3: Ah.
(02:33:59) RainySoulMiasma: What did I miss?
(02:34:02) authorkun: Kougaiji-mun.
(02:34:17) CorsecGreenXWing: kanan's dramatic death! :D
(02:34:20) TeenaMegumi3: More ah.
(02:34:30) RainySoulMiasma: O_O
(02:34:46) RainySoulMiasma: That's rather a lot to miss.
(02:34:47) TeenaMegumi3: *waves* I'm Kanzy-mun. ....And newly the mun of Kanzy's AU reincarnate.
(02:34:47) ladymcquillion But not for real
(02:34:48) CorsecGreenXWing: don't worry, it's getting wiped so it can happen in the nexus, not in chat
(02:34:48) TeenaMegumi3: ....The death didn't count.
(02:34:50) TeenaMegumi3: Practice.
(02:35:02) RainySoulMiasma: Ah.
(02:35:08) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Practice makes perfect
(02:35:11) RainySoulMiasma: Who gets to kill her?
(02:35:15) TeenaMegumi3: Hakkai.
(02:35:16) monkeyneedsfood: I could copy it to you if you want.
(02:35:30) RainySoulMiasma: Oh, that's gonna be *fun*
(02:35:34) authorkun: Sanzo: ...*is smoking**surprised no one's bitched about it yet*
(02:35:43) CorsecGreenXWing: it was not nearly long OR drawn out enough for him, but... well, mixed company, you know
(02:35:59) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *well, now that you mention it... * Ah, Sanzo?
(02:36:03) TeenaMegumi3: ..I am stupid. Also Lirin's mun.
(02:36:09) authorkun: Sanzo: ... What?
(02:36:14) RainySoulMiasma: Ah, okay. Hi.
(02:36:21) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Smoking is bad for you
(02:36:36) TeenaMegumi3: Hi. *shoves Lirin off on Kougaiji for a little while, yay, peace in her own head!*
(02:36:37) authorkun: Kanzy-mun, too. *whisper* He shouldn't be smoking when he's sick...
(02:36:45) TeenaMegumi3: I SAID I was Kanzy-mun.
(02:36:51) authorkun: Okay, I'm deaf.
(02:36:54) TeenaMegumi3: Blind.
(02:36:58) authorkun: Sanzo: Shut up, Hakkai.
(02:37:03) authorkun: Definitely one of those.
(02:37:30) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ah, now, Sanzo. Should I do that, who would watch out for you?
(02:37:51) ladymcquillion Ran: *kicked puppy look* You're sick and your smoking?
(02:38:04) authorkun: Sanzo: Me.
(02:38:17) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Ahaha, very funny, Sanzo.
(02:38:21) monkeyneedsfood: It's the smoke your self well plan. we used that one in college
(02:38:22) authorkun: Sanzo: .... *don't look at me like that*
(02:38:38) CorsecGreenXWing: is that at all related to 'kill it all better'?
(02:38:38) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: *neatly plucks the cigarette from his fingers and drops it to be crushed under her foot* Sorry, I was distracted, I should have done that sooner. You're still sick, Konzen dear.
(02:38:52) ladymcquillion Ran: But what if you get bronchitis!
(02:39:06) ladymcquillion Hey, Kill it all better works!
(02:39:29) CorsecGreenXWing: hey! i'm not arguing, hakkai's happy now
(02:39:46) monkeyneedsfood: Kill it with fire, cigarettes are burning. See it's all the smae thing
(02:39:48) CorsecGreenXWing: *eyes him* ... although... that may just be the shock
(02:40:01) Vertelemming: Huhwhawhere?
(02:40:29) authorkun: Sanzo: *to Kanzeon*.... You? You can go screw yourself.
(02:40:30) Vertelemming: Equal rights for zombies!
(02:40:30) CorsecGreenXWing: did you just un-minimize the chat again? you should really stop doing that, it could be bad for your health
(02:40:31) ladymcquillion *pounces on lemming and steals his brains* Snack!
(02:40:37) CorsecGreenXWing: ........dear god, i'm channelling hakkai
(02:40:39) Vertelemming: ... speaking of zombies.
(02:40:56) LightfootHerald: *chews on her pinky*
(02:41:06) authorkun: Sanzo: *has more cigarettes where that came from, and you'd better NOT try to snatch those*
(02:41:08) CorsecGreenXWing: Ren: *wiiiiiiiibbles*
(02:41:14) ladymcquillion *snerkgiggles*
(02:41:41) LightfootHerald: *luckily does not bite hard enough to take it off*
(02:41:51) CorsecGreenXWing: Ren: o.o
(02:42:16) LightfootHerald: What? :D
(02:42:18) authorkun: Sanzo: *now where did that lighter go...*
(02:42:56) LightfootHerald: Mogget> *breathes out a charter mark for fire in front of Sanzo's face*
(02:43:11) ladymcquillion Nagi: Cool trick!
(02:43:20) CorsecGreenXWing: Bella: *cleans a paw* show-off
(02:43:39) ladymcquillion Ran: Please don't smoke when you're sick. *puppy eyes*
(02:43:41) LightfootHerald: Mogget> Hmph.
(02:43:59) LightfootHerald: Mogget> If it wasn't for this binding spell, I'd show you something you'd never forget.
(02:44:37) authorkun: Sanzo: ... Hn.
(02:44:50) CorsecGreenXWing: Bella: *sniffs* My, a tom has never used that line before
(02:45:02) TeenaMegumi3: *makes Kaori's Sages entry post*
(02:45:25) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: I'm not flexible enough for that, Konzen.
(02:45:39) LightfootHerald: Mogget> ...*will not dignify that with a response, but is very much functionally asexual, thanks. Comes from being literally made of magic.*
(02:45:53) authorkun: Sanzo: *eyetwitch**ignore*
(02:45:55) CorsecGreenXWing: Bella: *sniffs, but smugly this time*
(02:46:32) LightfootHerald: Mogget> *oh look, is that static crackling around his paws? :D*
(02:47:08) CorsecGreenXWing: Bella: *her fur ruffles and a cat-door appears out of nowhere behind her*
(02:47:21) CorsecGreenXWing: wow.... literal catfight
(02:47:25) LightfootHerald: XD
(02:47:40) ladymcquillion Wheeeee!
(02:47:40) bardsleywords entered the room.
(02:47:43) CorsecGreenXWing: hi!
(02:47:45) authorkun: Hello!
(02:47:48) LightfootHerald: Hiya :3
(02:47:48) ladymcquillion Hello!
(02:47:50) RainySoulMiasma: Hey.
(02:47:51) bardsleywords: Hi!
(02:48:00) CorsecGreenXWing: you missed kanan's big death scene!
(02:48:00) bardsleywords: How is everyone?
(02:48:05) CorsecGreenXWing: but it was only a rehearsal
(02:48:07) LightfootHerald: Good :3
(02:48:13) ladymcquillion Goodgood
(02:48:14) CorsecGreenXWing: and i'm good! :D
(02:48:14) authorkun: I'm trying to write, and failing miserably. Whoot.
(02:48:25) authorkun: I blame Gojyo.
(02:48:34) bardsleywords: Ah. I would have been sad if I missed a death scene.
(02:48:39) monkeyneedsfood: It's easiest
(02:48:43) bardsleywords: What are you trying to write?
(02:48:54) CorsecGreenXWing: and i'm eyeing this person who- gojyo should always be blamed - who applied for this comm i'm thinking of applying for, and she looks like she can actually rp! *joy*
(02:49:17) CorsecGreenXWing: it was a good death, but not nearly painful enough or drawn-out enough for hakkai's liking
(02:49:43) authorkun: A journal entry. OOC type stuff... but actually relevant. Maaaybe even interesting.
(02:49:53) authorkun: Sanzo: ... What?
(02:50:00) authorkun: *erk* Nothing! *hides*
(02:50:03) CorsecGreenXWing: hee
(02:50:22) bardsleywords: My inner Aya-chan has her fingers in her ears and is singing, "la la la" at the mention of Kanan's death.
(02:50:48) CorsecGreenXWing: *eyes hakkai.... refuses to type that*
(02:50:57) LightfootHerald: ...
(02:51:02) LightfootHerald: you've perked my curiosity now
(02:51:14) authorkun: Aw, come on.
(02:51:18) CorsecGreenXWing: it was more a refusal out of courtesy to aya-chan
(02:51:36) authorkun: Ah.
(02:51:44) CorsecGreenXWing: hakkai's still a little bloodthirsty right now.... *pokes him*
(02:51:58) bardsleywords: Please, don't stop on her account.
(02:52:20) authorkun: Sanzo: ... *considers trying to leave again*
(02:52:21) CorsecGreenXWing: HA, such a nice mun you are
(02:52:26) TeenaMegumi3: You're Aya-chan's mun?
(02:52:29) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_^ Sanzo...
(02:52:32) bardsleywords: Yep!
(02:52:38) TeenaMegumi3: *waves* Kanzeon and Yukio.
(02:52:49) authorkun: Sanzo: *annoyed* What now?
(02:53:07) bardsleywords: Hi! Very good to meet you.
(02:53:11) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: ^_______^ We'd miss you horribly if you left now.
(02:53:18) TeenaMegumi3: Heyla. ^_^
(02:53:55) authorkun: Sanzo: *long silence* Tch. *back to leaning against the wall*
(02:54:00) bardsleywords: Kazeon and Yukio have both been great fun.
(02:54:12) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: Why, Sanzo. You do care.
(02:54:44) ladymcquillion Ran: YAY!
(02:55:03) authorkun: Sanzo: Shut up.
(02:55:19) ladymcquillion Ran: *kicked puppy face*
(02:55:20) CorsecGreenXWing: *resists the urge.. resistssssssssss..... ah, gives in*
(02:55:30) CorsecGreenXWing: *sings* Sanzo and Ran, sitting in a tree
(02:55:35) CorsecGreenXWing: K-I-S-S-I-N-G
(02:55:39) CorsecGreenXWing: First comes love
(02:55:43) CorsecGreenXWing: Then comes marriage
(02:55:45) authorkun: Sanzo: *was talking to Hakkai, by the way... uh oh* *shooting at the Hakkai-mun!*
(02:55:48) ladymcquillion Ran: *mutters* I wish
(02:55:59) CorsecGreenXWing: Then comes the baby in t- *ducks, runs, cackles madly*
(02:56:06) TeenaMegumi3: They are. *pets them both* Very entertaining pups.
(02:56:12) TeenaMegumi3: Yukio: *scowls and ducks away from that* Bitch...
(02:56:20) ladymcquillion I still say that muns are immune to bullets from pups
(02:56:36) authorkun: Sanzo: *reloading* We'll see about that.
(02:56:40) RainySoulMiasma: Which is a good thing, 'cause otherwise I suspect we'd all be long since dead.
(02:56:40) CorsecGreenXWing: *isn't taking chances*
(02:56:41) monkeyneedsfood: Goku: Wait Sanzo's gonna be a dad?
(02:56:48) authorkun: Sanzo: *thwap!*
(02:56:53) CorsecGreenXWing: Hakkai: *laaaaaaaughs*
(02:57:03) monkeyneedsfood: Goku: Ow wha' was that for
(02:57:11) TeenaMegumi3: Kanzeon: *likewise to Hakkai*
(02:57:27) ladymcquillion *pets Goku* They're still working on the love part, sweetie.
(02:57:55) CorsecGreenXWing: this... THIS is why you don't get this many crazy people.... er.... rpers in one chat
(02:58:14) authorkun: Sanzo: The usual. You're a dumbass. *glares at Ranmun**are you bulletproof? want to find out?* Shut. Up.
(02:58:15) CorsecGreenXWing: *giggles madly*
(02:58:17) ladymcquillion At least we aren't all in one physical location
(02:58:23) RainySoulMiasma: Wait. This is why you don't?
(02:58:28) CorsecGreenXWing: ah, the LARP possibilities
(02:58:45) authorkun: *is getting no writing done, but this is funny... still hiding*
(02:58:47) monkeyneedsfood: *takes pettings* Goku: but. *confused monkey*
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